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Dump Site
Development of technologies and equipment for the processing of garbage and waste

Technologies and equipment of AEP Engineering allow processing more than 230 types of waste of 1-4 hazard classes.

Systems for 100% purification of heavily polluted gases

Innovative highly efficient unit for condensation and filtration of pyrolysis and other gases, which guarantees 100% purification from mechanical impurities and liquid hydrocarbons.

Gas generating complexes

Industrial production of synthesis gas and generation of electrical and thermal energy on gas turbines or internal combustion engines.

and production of heat-ventilation
and heating equipment in mobile
and stationary

The equipment is designed for heating various objects (rigs, hangars, workshops, sports facilities, etc.) both in the mild climate zone and in Siberia and the Far North.

Страница_03_AEP_мобильный отопительно вентиляционный комплекс БТВ_edited.jpg
Development and production
of fuel preparation stations

The stations are designed for the preparation of hydrostabilized fuels that improve the environmental and energy parameters of boilers.

Stationary and mobile distillation platforms

Designed for direct distillation of hydrocarbon raw materials: pyrolysis liquids, oil, etc., for the production of straight-run distillates

(gasolines, diesel engines, tars).

Industrial software development

Development and production of software for control systems for technological equipment.

Night Shift at Office
Environment Pollution
Energy efficient drying of highly watered waste

Highly efficient high-speed drying of biological and man-made waste with humidity up to 90%.

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