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(Varna, Bulgaria), June 28-30


The traditional international forum was attended by scientists, specialists and representatives of enterprises, companies and organizations operating in Bulgaria and wishing to develop their activities in Bulgaria in the future. A meaningful and responsible discussion took place for all partners in the energy sector - government agencies, energy companies, scientists, specialists, power engineers and consumers. Organizations and companies were given the opportunity not only to advertise their activities, but also to establish business contacts with partners from the country and abroad.

Our company AEP Engineering also successfully participated in the forum. Vitaly Shablov spoke about the methods and technologies for environmentally friendly processing of waste plastics and the subsequent generation of electrical energy from the results of processing. The technology meets all the parameters of «green» energy, there are no smoke or other emissions into the atmosphere, water or land. The equipment used is compact in size, does not require capital structures and is easily moved to the required site for waste processing.


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