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The production of the PDP-35 drying plant has started

New technologies in action

AEP Engineering has started production of the PDP-35 drying complex for the largest Bulgarian poultry farm in the Balkans «Kokita Poultry Farm – ZP Kalina Shirokova». The complex is designed for drying bird droppings. The operation of the complex is based on a unique technology of pulsed drying of incoming raw materials by the steam explosion method. The equipment used allows you to instantly extract up to 90% of the moisture contained in the raw material. This drying technology can also be applied to various wastes and raw materials with high moisture content. It can be agricultural waste, beer stillage, various manure, sludge from domestic sewage, etc.

The use of such a complex is very effective both from the energy side (low energy consumption, unlike traditional approaches and drying plants), and from the economic side. As a result of the drying process, 2 marginal products are obtained. This is a water condensate formed from the removed moisture, which is completely free from pathogenic organic matter and contains a large amount of mineral impurities. The condensate can be used as a liquid fertilizer for agricultural applications. The second product is dehydrated bird droppings, crushed to a powder and completely free from pathogenic organic matter. It can be used as a fuel (after pelletizing) or as a base for paste and liquid fertilizers.

Now the first complex with a capacity of 35 tons per day of incoming raw materials is in production. In total, 2 complexes will be supplied to the poultry farm with a total capacity of 70 tons per day for incoming raw materials.


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